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James N. Swanson - Company A

Hi Laurie,

I received your newsletter today and sad to report that James N. Swanson passed June 9th, 1997 of non-Hodgeskins Lymphoma. I'm sure he would have been thrilled to know about this website. He spoke many times of his experiences with this group of fine comrades .

Jim was married and had 4 daughters and a son. He was a high school teacher and athletic director in our local high school most of his working life in Union City, PA. His first wife passed of cancer in 1987. We married in 1991. He had many mementoes of his time in the service which I gave to his children. I remember the Ozark newsletter arriving in the mail and he devouring every word. You may use this information if you think it is worthy.

Nancy Swanson

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