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2nd Lt. William H. Scott, Sr. - HQ & Service Co.


Laurie Scott Mahaffey writes:

My father was William H. Scott, Sr, 2nd Lt, of Pasadena, Texas.
If any of the men still living from this unit remember my dad, I would love to hear from them.
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The Army Records Center sent me some paperwork, and I found out he received 2 bronze stars.

My dad will always be one of my heroes. I have a picture of him and the 327th Engineers taken at Camp Swift that is a treasure. Daddy is the one with the broadest shoulders on the front row. He was 6 feet tall & older than many enlistees; he was over 30 when he went in.

My father was at Ft Belvoir, VA for a while. He said the boys from the South all knew how to drive because they had been driving cars, tractors, or trucks all their lives. The Northern boys who lived in the big cities didn't have cars, so the Southerners taught them how to drive.

My dad never talked about his military experience except for things not related to how bad it was. I know he went overseas on a ship, the Queen Elizabeth (?). He had worked on a ship during the Depression, so wasn't as seasick as the other young men. He said when they reached Britain, they all got out & kissed the ground.

For a time, they were in Holland, I believe. The people there had so little, yet one of the families had chickens & provided my dad with fresh eggs. He wrote to this family after the war & sent them things from the US that they had a hard time getting.

My dad was MIA for a short time. A family friend who worked for a Texas senator helped find him in a field hospital. He had cellulitis in his feet from wet boots. He also had problems with shell shock & was sent to a military hospital in Kentucky for treatment.

After the war, he & my mom were married & moved to Oklahoma, where they lived close to Fort Sill. They were walking down the street one day when a former Army buddy saw him and hugged him, crying, "Lt Scott! We thought you were dead."

Both my parents were definitely part of the Greatest Generation. My mom was a plane spotter in her after-work hours.

Thank you for the opportunity to honor my dad.

Laurie Scott Mahaffey

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* Photos will be added later.


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