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roll call

platoon and squad rosters
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 please send your additions/corrections to help complete this list.
as far as we know, there are no official rosters at platoon or squad level.

which squad, platoon & company were you in?
who else was in your squad/platoon?
who were the officers?

would you also like to include your contact info here?
- only with your permission -

we realize that members of the squads & platoons changed with circumstances.
but please tell us about those you knew. it would mean so much to a son, daughter or grandchild.
 - sons, daughters, wives, grandchildren... we'd like to hear from you too!

hq & hq & service company

   hq & service co - unit photo - camp swift, tx, 1944
   griffin, ralph a. - lives in griffin, georgia
   scott, 2nd lt. william h., sr.

company a

   1st platoon
   penhall, delbert - he writes, "papa was squad leader. he stepped on a mine, but lived."
       del's photo gallery

   all of the following men are in del penhall's photo gallery (not necessarily all in 1st platoon)
   ainsworth, lundy e.
   buchman, norman m.
   burkhalter, demos n.
   copeland, reese l.
   dixon, john e.
   edwards, forest d.
   ellis, gene m.
   friszman, aron b.
   hoefer, clarence w.
   keelin, ivy l.
   lewis, _____
   lolla, nicholas f.
   mcgoonan, francis k.
   musielak, francis j.
   neill, richard jr.
   o'brien, lt. william p.
   papa, alfred v.
   pyle, donald e.
   raposky, albert h.
   reidel, frank r.
   reuter, _____
   schlel, keith m.
   smith, _____
   socash, joseph g.
   sowinski, egnatz w.
   verrie, charles l.

   2nd platoon
   bernstein, paul h. - 1st squad

  company a - unknown squads, platoons
     beland, james e.
     swanson, james n.

company b

    company b - unit photo - camp swift, tx 1944

   1st platoon
   goldman, alan b. - 3rd squad - alan goldman's photo gallery
   tipton, sgt. olen
   vanderbilt, pvt. john a.
   venturella, nick

   2nd platoon - 2nd squad
   luskoski, john jr.

   2nd platoon - 3rd squad
   allen, sam b.
   baumgart, albert p.
   coke, louis
   detweiler, donald l.
   england, john l.
   fluhr, robert
   fondry, walter w. (bill)
   franklin, ____ ???
   funk, dick
   lavergne, ovey j.
   moroz, stephen jr.
   pavlikoski, john t.
   prendergast, edward b.
photos of sam allen, albert baumgart, lou coke, don detweiler, john england,
                  walter fondry, dick funk, steve moroz & others unidentified

   2nd platoon - which squad?
   allen, george
   chalmers, ronald h. - platoon sgt.
   franklin, ____
   hamilton, ____
   jackson, floyd b.
   mcbride, henry
   mcgowen, joseph - did not go overseas
   murry, ____
   oviatt, jim - as a driver, jim was where needed - jim oviatt's photo gallery
   paciotti, ernest
   robertson, ____
   toohey, john/jack - platoon sgt after chalmers was wounded
   warner, jarvis d. - jarvis warner's photo gallery

  bill benzing's squad  (all in his photo gallery):
  benzing, adrian "bill" - bill's photo gallery
  besel, lt. robert f.
  dehaven, jack w.
  dooley, colie l.
  mabry, wilson ( thomas w. mabry ?)
  rutkowski, bernard
  saetos, mike
  shults, ray
  soucie, h. e.
  sperry, bob
  starkey, elwood
  wilkerson, g.
  zearfoss, jim f.
  also in bill benzing's photo gallery, gardelegen pamphlet photo: newton, leroy

  note: bill benzing remembers loraine griess as one of his fox hole buddies.
    griess, loraine - fox hole buddy was coy white. under lt. besel (don't remember the platoon)

  company b - unknown squads, platoons

      brown, charles jackson (known as jack)

      egge, charles b., jr.

      mcalpine, clarence (mac) - was a cook for b company. officers were captain elliott, lt. lent and sgt. page.
             mac lives in minnesota.

      smith, myles f.

company c

   2nd platoon
   * all of the following men are in hibler photo gallery
   brown, linton
   camper, robert g.
   chappell, leroy d.
conklin, sherel r.
   conlon, vincent t.
   crystal, joseph v.
   current, wilson s.
   horne, raymond g.
   dallas, robert w.
   davis, elvin w.
   hibler, amzy e. - photo gallery
   kirstein, william a.
   johnson, gunnar
   mccord, robert d.
   moran, joseph f.
   perrigoue, jerry j.
   schucht, wilbert l.
   singer, jay s.
   young, lubie p.

   3rd platoon, 3rd squad
 brown, robert c.
   hedrick, wade h.

  company c - unknown squads, platoons
     bohlander, george p.
     perkins, chester r.


medical detachment

   bamel, solomon
   postrozny, henryk
   sawyer, clarence, jr.
   youngblood, samuel f. - lives in graham, texas


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