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Newspaper of the 327th Engineer Combat Battalion
produced May 11, 1945 㥰tember 1, 1945

A humorous & often philosophical publication

Introduction by David Silvette

May 11, 1945 Edition        May 19        May 25 - These 3 editions are Co B only

June 4 - This edition begins coverage of all Companies

June 15        June 25        "No Date"       July 5 - Pup Tent Edition

July 17       July 28       Aug 14       Sept 1

Indexes of Names for All Editions

A - D E - L M - R S - Z

About this newspaper羚nt>
     The newspaper was written by David Silvette and John Cornacchio. John drew all the cover cartoon.
It began as a publication of Company B, called 襠Bee Stinger좲>      On June 4, 1945, it became a newspaper of the entire Battalion, titled 衩ns and Pains༢r> and includes sections on each Company:

          "Raising Cain In Able CompanyⲾ           襠Bee StingerⲾ           ȯrse On CharlieⲾ           ᩴch and EssⲾ
I was completely unaware of the existence of this newspaper until one day while searching the internet for information related to the 327th Engineers. I discovered that the Library of Virginia held reprints of the newspaper in their archives. Wow! I consider it an invaluable resource that should be readily available to anyone with an interest in the 327th Engineer Combat Battalion, so I purchased photocopies of the collection - 65 pages.

I wish to emphasize that the newspaper was typed on an old fashioned typewriter of the era. Some sections are faint or faded. Others are very dark. I have typed the index of names as they were spelled in the newspaper, so please realize that names will be sometimes misspelled.

You can contact me via email with any questions. Laurie@327engineer.com

As always, we strongly encourage members of the 327th Engineers and their families to share their memories, photos, and questions. Let͊ all do our part to preserve the history of the 327th Engineer Combat Battalion!


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