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Del Penhall's  Photos - Company A

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"Moving Up"
Riedel, Friszman,  ?,
Smith and  ?
"Moving Up" - close-up
Smith & Friszman at Krefeld

Sowinski, Keelin, McCarthy,
Socash, Buchman

Ainsworth, Raposky,
Hoefer & Socash
  "Pee Call"
Dixon, Socash, McGoonan,

Musielak, McGoonan,
Neill, Copeland
Pyle   "First PWs"
Papa, Neill,  ?, Penhall
Front: McGoonan, Schleh
Back:  Reuter, Neill, Penhall
at Setterich, December - pre-Bulge
"A Dreaded 88"
Keelin and Riedel
Papa & McGoonan Burkhalter & unknown victim
getting a haircut

  Footbridge at Rurdorf, Roer River
February 23, 1945
- Life magazine photo
April 1945
At Gardelegen
1016 Political Prisoners
Bodies in doorway
Bodies in common grave
  Gardelegen -
Individual graves "provided" by townspeople

Buchenwald Concentration Camp
(click for medium photo)
Buchenwald Concentration Camp
(click for large photo)
Crematory at
Buchenwald Camp

Waiting for the Russians -
New dock courtesy A Company.
Looks like Musielak, Ellis and  ?
  Welcome Russians Lt. O'Brien
and early Russian arrivals
Elbe River bridge at Tangermunde
& surrendering German General
 - Stendal area
close-up Ninth & Twelfth Panzer Armies
Ninth Panzer Army surrenders Ninth Panzer Army surrenders Surrendered Equipment
- Elbe River -

Captured Equipment at

with Red Cross donuts,
 coffee and Brits
    Friszman & Smith
In background: Air compressor
 used to operate tools such
as jackhammer.

Post-War Occupation
- Del Penhall -
Edwards & Lewis   Lolla
  Oxen team in rural Germany  

Many thanks to Del Penhall of Company A for contributing his photos!

Links to Gardelegen information:

Del Penhall writes about road blocks...
"Besides disrupting traffic in general, another purpose of road blocks (it was said)
was to force vehicles onto a limited number of roads which they would "zero in" with their artillery.
Other road blocks we met consisted of deep and wide ditches and other entanglements."



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