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Images including Gardelegen from the collection of
 Alan Goldman of Company B

Images & Captions in PDF Format  3,831 kb

If you would like to contact Al Goldman, please email me
and I will give him your phone number/address.

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Most of these photos are of the atrocity at a barn outside Gardelegen, Germany in April 1945.

Al Goldman, Bob Simmer, Jascha Heifetz, accompanist in Germany during the War, around April or May 1945. Al Goldman seated on front porch of Hitler's home at Berchtegarden in Austria - taken shortly after the surrender. Unidentified group At Gardelegen, Germany, April 1945.
View inside the barn door where prisoners were burned alive Sgt. Lewis standing in front of barn with some bodies that had been retrieved behind him Two men from our platoon in front of bodies being carried out from the barn
Men & boys we requisitioned from the town of Gardelegen to dig burial plots Germans digging bodies out of the pit that the SS had put them in Two men from our Company sitting with bodies that the Germans had pulled out of the pit for burial
Bodies awaiting burial Line up of more bodies for burial  
More of the same Lining up burial plots in a row Long view of digging graves
More bodies Germans carrying bodies to graves for burial Long view of part of the cemetery
Late in the afternoon - In the background, Gardelegen citizens who had been digging graves line up to return to town Sign that General Eisenhower ordered erected in front of the cemetery, with explanation of what happened there Partially completed cemetery with barn still smoldering in background
Two men who tried to infiltrate the German paratrooper camp where we were staying across the road from the cemetery. We shot them. Close-up of the dead infiltrators Carrying away the body of one of the infiltrators
Infiltrator of our camp whom we shot and killed   Our squad truck with all the barracks bags and equipment we carried with us as we chased the Germans
Many thanks to Alan B. Goldman of Company B for contributing his photos,
and to his daughters for scanning, formatting the pics
and preparing the PDF file of photos with explanations.
Let us not forget!

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