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Did you know Leroy D. Chappell? 
  Email his great-nephew Todd Chappell

TEC5 Leroy D. Chappell
2nd Platoon, Company C

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Leroy D. Chappell enlisted 16 November, 1942 at Harrisburg, PA

Leroy D. Chappell and unknown woman
at Camp Maxie, Texas

- February 8, 1945 After Action Report -
Company C, 2nd Platoon night mission to ferry infantry wiremen across the Roer River
after which one engineer soldier was reported missing.
That engineer soldier was Tec5 Leroy D. Chappell.

More After Action Reports
of 327th Engineer Combat Battalion

- Morning Report, May 28, 1945 -
Body of Tec5 Leroy D. Chappell
found and reported as "KIA vicinity
Linnich, Germany since 9 Feb 45"

The 2 documents above clarify the date and circumstances of the death of Leroy D. Chappell, which his great nephew wrote about below.

10/27/06 - Todd Chappell writes:

Hi Laurie,
I was curious if you'd have any suggestions for finding out more about my
great uncle- Leroy D. Chappell, Company C, 327 Engineer Combat BN, 102nd ID.
According to the story passed down, he was reported missing following a
river crossing in Feb/Mar 45. He was later found dead, interred at Margraten
and repatriated in the late 40's/50's.

The river crossing is a question. According to my father's memory, Uncle
Leroy took part in two river crossings in Feb/Mar 45. He won the BSM in the
first, but was lost on the second. The citation for the BSM was lost and
replacements supposedly unavailable after the 70's fire that destroyed many
records. For a while we assumed he died during a Rhein crossing in late
Feb/early Mar.

The memory clip didn't track with the unit logs, which actually note that
two 327th soldiers were lost on a crossing 8 Feb (I believe). I am planning
to request info from the Archives to see if I can find more records.

Thanks again for your help.

Please email Todd Chappell  if you knew his great uncle Leroy, or can provide any further information.

National Archives & Records Administration
War Department Files
TEC5 Leroy D. Chappell
ID: 33491806
Branch of Service: U.S. Army
Hometown: Union County, PA
Status: KIA


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